Scene from "A Real Man's Love In A Woman's World" with Jackson Stanley (Anthony Brown Jr) & Deziray Stanley (Ashley Blatche)

The cast of A Real Man's Love In A Woman's World on CT Style News Channel 8.

Drama at the Stanley residence

 Deziray Stanley serenades her man in "A Real Man's Love In A Woman's World"

1st Stageplay written, "You Can Make It Through This" 

Snippet of singer, Tamika Brunson singing a gospel medley

Tanya Eugena Randall, CEO of Tanya E Randall Productions Co. and YFamily Entertainment is the new 3rd Millennium African American Playwright/Producer/Director emerging to the stage and screen.  A graduate of Cooperative High School in New Haven, CT focusing on Drama and Theater along with her attendance at ECA in New Haven, CT gave her the start to a life of writing short stories and scripts for the people. Her late grandmother Geneva Clark was her very 1st and lasting inspiration to animated oratory story telling.

Tanya E Randall believes she has the brand through her writings along with her bold and profound oratory voice to echo the stages across America.  She has a mission to illuminate the industry of theater, arts and entertainment through captivating audiences where they can be healed through laughter, imagination, free spirit and inspiration.  

Tanya E Randall committed to all of the above but before all this came into existence she is and always will remain a dedicated wife to Juane J Randall; a mother to Deniqua L Brunson, Terell D Brunson, Kendall J Ward and Malik D. Ward; a daughter to the great leaders (also her parents) Apostle Eugene and Co-Pastor Diane Brunson of Wayfaring Ministries Inc in Hamden, CT; a sister to nine siblings whom she loves immensely; a grandma of 7, an auntie; a daughter-in-law; a god-mother; a mentor to some and a friend to many.  Even through her evangelizing she continues to remain in a humbled position through her favorite scripture in Romans 8:18, "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

Who Is Tanya E Randall

Grandmother's hands always prayed for me

Innovative 45 year old native New Yorker embracing the entertainment arena with a strong vision and over 20 years of experience in writing. A passion to captivate audiences all over the world through her stunning and cutting edge display of knowledge and skills to create timeless masterpieces.