YFamily Entertainment Group's name was derived from a question, "why have we lost the family"? It is the mission of Tanya E Randall Productions Company and YFamily Entertainment Group to re-introduce quality family orientated entertainment.  

Why family (YFamily)? Because the family is the nucleus to growth and development, values, stability, 1st mentors, quality time, sharing, and positive nurturing.  We are on a mission to redeem the family through entertainment.

YFamily Entertainment Group exists because of a strong vision built upon the Love of God and the union of creating and keeping the family structure as the nucleus foundation of stability for people.  YFamily Entertainment Group has the ability to transform your life through bringing a solid restoration of quality entertainment to your community, schools/colleges, and your television and movie screens.

YFamily Entertainment Group has become the catalyst of bridging the gap with performing arts arenas and local organizations to bring new levels of inspiration to strengthen the love and understanding for the visual arts.


YFamily entertainment group